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What is “My work values”?

“My work values” is:

  • The first scientifically based instrument 
  • Which enables you to (independantly) indicate what is important to you in the field of work
  • In 27 questions
  • And was developed in collaboration with people with a (mainly cognitive) disability

As soon as you have completed “My work values”, a feedback report is automatically generated and delivered. This provides an overview of your work values at a glance.

Good luck!

Feedback report

Your work values at a glance

How to use “My work values”?

1. Press the blue application form "My work values"  button below and fill in the application form.

  • E-mail: the invitation (web link) will be sent to this address. After completing the survey, you will also receive the feedback report (PDF) on this adrtess. 
  • Name/Surname: first name and surname of the PARTICIPANT(S). Fill in one form per participant. These are only used to personalize the report and are strictly confidential. This data is not shared with third parties.

2. After sending the application form you will receive an invitation by email. This invitation contains a link to complete the survey online. You can, if desired, pause  filling in the survey and resume it at a later time. The invitation will remain active for 3 weeks.
3. Done with the survey? Don't forget to press the "Finalize" button.
4. After completion you will automatically receive a feedback report in your mailbox.

Application form "My work values"


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